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Modules of powder fire extinguishing SPRUT

Fire extinguishing powders and powder fire extinguishing modules SPRUT from research and production company «FACTOR» — a leading company in the field of creation and production of fire extinguishing powders and technical means of powder fire extinguishing in Ukraine

Modules of powder
fire extinguishing SPRUT

Designed to create on their basis of high-speed automatic fire extinguishing systems used to protect objects, which may cause fires of classes A, B, C and electrical installations under voltage up to 35 kV. They can be used as an autonomous fire extinguishing agent (without external energy sources) to protect objects of small volume (garage boxes, diesel compartments, spray booths, containers, etc.).
Certificate for modules SPRUT  (ukr)Operation manual «SPRUT» M (.pdf, ukr)

For detailed information and prices for Sprut modules (TU U 29.2-13672801-003: 2011), please contact the Sales Department at +38 (050) 442-30-73  (ukr).

Modules of powder fire extinguishing SPRUT

The company constantly improves its products and expanding its range in the interests of the consumer

Fire extinguishing powder

The fire extinguishing powders are most effective fire extinguishing agents that are using in various fields of the national economy and in everyday life for extinguishing fires of various combustible substances currently.

The multipurpose fire extinguishing powders,which developed by NPF FACTOR LLC, intend to extinguish Class A fires (common solid and smoldering materials, such as: wood, paper, cotton, plastic, rubber, etc.), Class B (combustible and flammable liquids , lubricants, resins, oil paints, varnishes, enamels), Class C (combustible gases) and electrical equipment with a voltage of electric current up to 1000 V when extinguished with fire extinguishers and up to 36 kV when it will use as a charge in automatic fire extinguishing systems.
Certificate for fire extinguishing powder FACTOR ABC-40 (ukr) and Certificate for fire extinguishing powder P-2APM (ukr)

All prices of fire extinguishing powders of the brand Factor AVS-40 (TU U 24.6-13672801-004-2004.) and P-2APM (TU U 6-05766362.001-97) are negotiable.

Contact the sales department by phone +38 (044) 338-50-26  (ukr).

Fire extinguishing powder


for fire extinguishing powders: +38 (044) 338-50-26  (ukr);
on modules SPRUT: +38 (044) 338-50-16 (ukr).

Financial questions: +38 (044) 338-50-27 (ukr);

Technical Department: sprutmpp@gmail.com (with postscript in the technical department)

We are located in Ukraine, 01013, Kiev, st. Stroyindustrii, 5B


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